Thursday, March 29, 2007

New game - Grim's Downfall

A new game from the CN Games Studio was released Monday.
Grim's Downfall

I was trying to take a different approach to our games. Our games so often fall into neat little categories, platformer, shooter, racing, etc. I like designing within these genres. There are many unfound enjoyable mechanics to be discovered but I just was tired of seeing side-view games.

So this game is only half side-view.

Part Pilotwings, part Pocket Fighter, part RPG, Grim's Downfall is something a bit different. I don't feel it's a 100% success. In trying to do something different with the RPG fight mechanic (make it more active, make it more explorable) something was missed. I think with more time the game could be tuned to be better, but that's true for all games.

Next Monday we have another game coming!