Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Games Complete

Yesterday I posted my webcam game. This made me realize I forgot to post 2, well, 1.5 games we finished earlier.

Code Lyoko
An action side-scroller featuring Yumi. I chose Yumi because she has a weapon that allowed for cool play mechanics. I was very nervous to do this because she is a girl and CN is very boys centric.

Later in the game when you face multiple enemies you can string together attacks and do some really exciting moves. Usually when I design games I seek to create "moments." These are times when something so cool happens you want to show someone. When I designed the combat I had a moment in mind, "You throw the fan through an enemy, in the time the fan is out, you can jump and melee attack an enemy in the air. When you melee in the air you do not fall. While you are in melee you catch the fan. You can then throw the fan again at another enemy before you hit the ground."

We were able to execute this moment. That made me quite pleased.

Looking back, I think the game starts off too easy and plays a bit slow. We had just wrapped up Juniper Lee which was too hard and I think I swung back in the other direction too far.

This game was a huge challenge because we used the real show assets, the actual 3D models used in the show. Since we didn't have free reign with the assets, this required exact planning. We also ended up with a very large file size.

I like Cheese. Everyone likes Cheese. I had this dumb idea and luckily people were behind it so we got to make this "game."



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