Friday, June 24, 2005


As I have been totally slack with posting stuff lately I thought I might at least post a list of what I want to do. I have done quite a bit of stuff but it was being used for a real game. My paper football game was going to be a multiplayer game but it got scrapped :(

My position at work is changing which should allow me more time to experiment with these game kernals.

In the spirit on 1 button game design I did I Object! and Flight of the Monarch. These games were done in like 2 weeks a piece.

I did another 1 button game but it's in limbo. Hopefully I will get to revamp it and post it soon.

Ok here is my list:
** Shadows **
--> Concept - the movement of the sun affects the projection of shadows
--> Application - movement from shadow to shadow must be done to stay avoid overheating. Objects changing also affect shadows (leaves falling off trees, etc.)

** 3 Coins **
--> Concept - movement like the old coin basketball game
--> Application - something like cover-fire type game. The 2 non-moving coins cover the moving one. Messing up the formation you loose cover...

** Seek & Flee **
--> Concept - seek & flee behaviors. Flocking too.
--> Application - Zombie game. Game with zombies trying to kill ppl (seek) but you have zombie repellant (flee) and zombie bait (seek). You try to help ppl escape the zombies. Or just coat the ppl in zombie bait and watch them die.
--> Application - Hearding. Mark critters to make then seek a same-color home.

** Drawing **
--> Concept - use the mouse to draw shapes, characters, etc.
--> Application - drawing objects, etc. translate into game commands.

** Puzzle Game **
--> Concept - design a puzzle game
--> Application - I will be moving into a more design oriented position soon. I feel I need to challenge myself to design a puzzle game.


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